Valentine’s Day

Here we are!
I don’t particurarly like this day cause, IMO, love should be shown every day, regardless.

Anyway, to those of you who are going to celebrate it, I wish the best of the Valentine’s Days 😉

R.I.P Whitney Houston

To remember the amazing artist she was in our way

Game of Thrones

This series is so catchy that if it wasn’t for the the upcoming exams and the epicness of this week episodes ,I could have stopped Watching the other Shows and have a GoT Marathon! 😉

I’d Like to continue my review, but I have to go! Gosh, I hate Being forced to do something!

If anything goes as planned, I might have thrilling news for you, guys!

Well, thrilling for me, but I Like to Think that you would be Happy as Well 😉

iBuenas Noches!


Rise above this… Tonight!

I don’t have time to write something, so I’ll leave you with two great songs from the band Seether

Enjoy the listening! 😉

After the Bowl

So, uh… Ehm… Yeah, We lost. I Feel Like crap, actually. I believed in the Team so much…And we were almost there! That was Very unfortunate >.<

The Half-Time show was Very good though! Well, she's Madonna.

And I Loved Marvel's commercial!

Can't freakin' wait for The Avengers!

Here you can watch the Commercials aired during the match:

BTW I started Watching White Collar. I love Matt Bomer (those eyes are simply enchanting) and the Series is so catchy!


But now it’s time to come back to my books… History is killing me. =__= Before this exam, I Loved History. Seriously.

Tschus Tschus!

Super Bowl Time!

Nothing to add, just… GO PATRIOTS! ;D

And have fun watching it, tonight! 😉

In Time

Just finished to watch it.

So great!
The story is very original, the cast is awesome, the action well packed. I promise you, you won’t waste a single minute of your precious time if you’ll spend it watching this 😉

Well, this line won’t look so lame after you’ve actually got to see the movie… Or maybe it will anyway. :/ xD

Notte notte ^.^

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