Happy New Year!

Since I won’t be able to write anything before 2012, here we are!

I wish you all the best for this upcoming year! And if you find a way to escape the Maya’s prediction, well, let us know! xD

P.s. Go to see this movie, is really enjoyable!

Again, Happy New Year!

The mistery of the Viper’s injury

There are so many versions of what this is that, in order to avoid making a mess, I will now follow only WWE.Com information! So I’ll keep you posted, but right now, I’m going to bed!

iBuenas Noches!



Update on Orton’s Injury

Randy Orton Will be out for 6 months.

That is to say… No Royal Rumble, No Wrestlemania, No Tour.

Great way to start the New Year, uh?


Randy, the WWE Universe wishes you a Very speed recovery! If anything, now you can take advantage of this bad situation to get some rest and spend more time with your family…
But come back soon! >.<


Source: http://zonawrestling.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11941%3Aufficiale-orton-fuori-sei-mesi&catid=2%3Awwe&Itemid=30

Smackdown! Main-Eventer injured

Randy Orton is reported to be injured.

It seems Like it happened during the last SD! Tapings, in a Street-Fight match against Wade Barrett.

No other information has been released yet, except from the Fact that it’s a back injury.

It’s a real pity, especially if the Injury is quite serious.
Rumor has it, Orton was supposed to Win this year’s Royal Rumble since it takes place in his hometown, St. Louis, Missouri.

In any case, let’s hope for a speed recovery, and Maybe the Company Will now realize that the guy needs some rest between the Shows… It’s great to see him so often, I mean, everybody knows how much I love Randy, but he isn’t 20 anymore, and with all the problems he had with his past injuries, making him fight in every show… Probably it wasn’t the best Idea :/

Randy, get Well soon!


Source: http://www.tuttowrestling.com/notizie/Main_eventer_esce_infortunato_da_SMackdown/11196

Similar minds!

I was Watching TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) and I was thinking about how Sheldon reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t figure out who… Then I received a text from One of my friends, she wanted to know at what time we should go to the movie- we’re going to watch Sherlock Holmes- and it just clicked!

Sheldon Cooper is Like a modern Sherlock Holmes!

Can you see the resemblance? I mean, Aside from the Whole crime/physics thing, I Think These two really have similar minds and behaviors!

Merry Christmas!

To wish you a very very Merry Merry Christmas! ;D

TLC not so OMG but OK

Even though I still have to watch Raw, I wanted to comment TLC… but I don’t really have so much to say about it!

I mean, yeah… That was… uh, ok.

Nothing special. No cliffhangers, no OMG moments…

Well, if you are a Daniel Bryan fan maybe there was an OMG moment, but since Mark was kind of injured, it was a bit obvious that this would happen.
Not that is going to last till Mania… I bet he’s gonna lose at the Rumble or at Elimination Chamber.

However, Zack Ryder US Champ: also not a surprise, but it was something nice to see anyway.

The Divas match that came completely out of the blue (come on, a slap is not a build-up.) was acceptable. But hadn’t we moved on?
Personally, I want Alicia Divas Champ again and soon!

Rhodes and Orton’s victories were well announced, the WWE Championship match result as well.

Oh, and I’ve missed John. >.<

Meanwhile, I've started to watch another tv series (yeah, I know… Another one? But anyway…) Suburgatory.
Very nice! And I love Jane Levy, I think she's a brilliant actress!

Now, I was wondering if I should start writing fanfics… I have lots of ideas, but I'm very lazy! Plus, I should really study hard for the exams! I don't know, I have to think about it…

For now "That's all folks!" 😉


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