Valentine’s Day

Here we are!
I don’t particurarly like this day cause, IMO, love should be shown every day, regardless.

Anyway, to those of you who are going to celebrate it, I wish the best of the Valentine’s Days 😉

Tree Hill is a place like many others in the World…

Yep Guys, I managed to watch every season of OTH I had left!
Yesterday I saw the 9×01! 😉
So now I can write something decent about it!

Where do I start?

Let’s begin with the “flaws” of this telefilm

Worst Seasons: 4 & 7

Seriously, season 7 is an offense to this great great series! I mean, what’s wrong with the writers? And why can’t Brooke be happy for more than 2 episodes every single time?

Let alone the fact that the protagonists of this Tv Show spend more time in the hospital than the ones of the medical dramas, and they have more extracorporeal experiences than on SPN, Buffy, TSC, Charmed an TVD together…

If I’d tell you “Hey, I’m watching the season finale, the one where they end up at the hospital!” Would you know exactly what season I’m talking about? No, because it’s how almost every season ends!

And what about weddings? If I’m not wrong, the only wedding where nothing bad happened was Brooke and Julian’s! At least, they made jokes about it 😉

Believability, this stranger!

Moving on…

The things I love

Heart. Soul.
This show really knows how to make you cry, laugh, think, it even makes you angry sometimes! And that’s because of the connection that you somehow develop with the characters, with their stories…

The way they tell you the vicissitudes, through a song, a famous quote, it touches you, it touches your heart.

And in the meanwhile, it teaches you how to live.

The Cast.
I have to thank this series for so many reasons, and one of them is introducing me to great actors.
I started watching it because I knew Chad (one of my favorite actors) had the lead role, but now I can easily add other members of the cast to the reasons I continued to follow the show.

Sophia Bush is the real deal to me: she’s so expressive, without overacting, and she makes the character so real.

Sport, Music, Literature.
I said it earlier in the post, but the introduction of these three elements in the show is so clever that it needs his own paragraph.

Using them not only in the usual way, like “Let’s say that Nathan plays Basketball and Haley sings so we have something going on” but as actual means of telling the story is simply brilliant.


Here we go.

I’ll be brief and concise, because if I won’t, it could take ages!

Best Couples

3)Clynn (?)

Ok, I need to say this: I loved Sophia and Chad together, the news of their divorce broke my heart, especially if the whole “betrayal” thing is actually true and it has really influenced the storyline on the show.

With that being said, I can continue…

I hate Peyton. So much.
She is the worst BFF ever…And the worst Girlfriend ever (saying NO to Lucas’ proposal? Are you insane?)
I’ve always shipped Brucas, and the fact that Lucas cheated on Brooke, TWICE, made me hate him so much! (Hard thing, since as I’ve already said, I adore Chad!)
Then what’s the point of getting back with her if you wanted Peyton since the beginning (as he said, not my words)?
Lucas, you had the perfect woman, the possible perfect family, yet you chose the boring-emo one? Tastes, I guess.

I find the fact that B had to wait 8 season to be happy very annoying, while anybody else on the show was perfectly fine almost since the beginning.

Luckily there’s Julian now, even though he was Peyton’s first (ok writers, you love Peyton, we got this since 1st season, you know? No need to make it more clear*…)

And, let’s talk about Julian: I love the guy, but WTF? How is it possible that his character went from the”Hot cool Casanova” of season 6, to “Naive Jerk” in season 7 and “Nice but mummy’s boy and goofy” in season 8???

I mean, he’s funny and I love How much he loves Brooke, but the “development” of his character is just surreal! He should have been more like, I don’t know, Damon Salvatore, Buffy’s Spike… Some sort of a compromise between these personalities!

And I think that there’s too much fluffiness in their relationship.
Brooke certainly deserves fluffiness, especially after what happened with Lucas, but enough is enough! I almost got diabetes! And I’m a romantic type… I planned Brooke’s wedding myself! u.u
I just think they needed a more “funny and ironic” relationship! Like Logan and Veronica’s on VM!
(This doesn’t mean that it had to be the same, I just wanted you to understand what I meant)

Naley is at the top spot because it’s amazing how they made this couple look fresh and fun all this time! 9 seasons people! *Always and Forever* *-*

Quinn and Clay are just too cute together. Too cute.

Well, for tonight I’ve said enough… I’m sure most of you didn’t even get to the end of this post, so long it was!

I’ll leave you now 😉

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

Tree Hill is a place like many others in the world. Maybe like your world … or maybe not like it at all. But if you look carefully you might see someone like you, trying to find his way, trying to find his place, which is trying to find himself.

*-I read you can say more clear instead of clearer, so I used it, I like the sound better…-

One Tree Hill

The reason why I never talk about this great series is that I haven’t finished to watch it yet.

Actually, I’m catching up with the 7th season (the worst one so far).

I could say a lot of things, but I’ll save them for the post I’ll create once I’ve finished at least the 8th season.

Meanwhile, I wish to all of you a great return to Tree Hill for One last time! (9th season premiere was last night, but still)

Fanfic 4 you ;D

Last time I told you I might share with you the fanfic I enjoyed the most… well, here they are!

From the series “They’re better than the original script”

Hart of Dixie

Rescue Me WadexZoe

Great fanfic! Very well written, not once OOC, solid story and the development of Wade-Zoe’s relationship is not a bit rushed.
I was reading today the last 4 chapters, and I was having a hard time trying to figure out what really happened on the show and what didn’t. Last time it happened the same thing: I was watching the episode, and I was so into this story, that I thought -Hey, where the hell is Wade’s sister?- Then I realized that actually, there was no mention of it in the show. xD

HoD writers, take notes!

Supernatural and One Tree Hill Crossover:

Second Chance DeanxBrooke

This is probably the best fanfic I’ve read in years!
Remarkable lines, good interaction between the characters, effortless blending of the two shows… and then, Brooke and Dean are absolutely one of the best couples ever!
I remember I cried a bit when I read some parts, I won’t tell you which ones, I don’t want to spoil you anything!
Just one thing: I haven’t finished reading this one myself, so I don’t know how it ends, but I know there’s even a sequel! It must be good, because the girl who wrote it seems so talented!

Hope you’ll like ’em as much as I did… Have fun! ^.^