¿Cómo no ser orgullosos de este equipo?

I’m so Proud.

It was tough, but the best team won.

Even though we didn’t dominate the match (at least for the first 70 minutes) the heart of the team came out in the end, and it did wonders.

Champions! ¡Campeones!





I Just… I’m too Happy to even speak.


Clash of the Titans – Los Merengues triunfan en el Bernabéu

You guys know I love sports, especially wrestling, slamball, basketball and soccer.

Yesterday, the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals between Real Madrid and Bayern Münich took place.

Now, I don’t feel like writing a report, because I don’t think I’m qualified to do that.

Anyway, I do want to comment a bit and… Well, celebrate.

I’m a Madridista at heart, can’t help it =P

So, last night wasn’t the best Real-Bayern confrontation we’ve seen, at least in my opinion.

I mean, I’m happy about the outcome, and I can say I’m satisfied with how the guys handled things but… We could have done more.

Both teams were not at their best yesterday.

Of course, when it comes to injuries, Real Madrid had plenty of them; we were lucky to have Cristiano back in time, even if he couldn’t obviously stay on the field for 90 minutes.

Benzema did well.

I’m not particularly fond of him, but he was indeed the goal scorer of the night, so… Thanks for doing a good job, Karim.

Bale, on the other hand – whom I really like and respect as a person and as an athlete – didn’t shine as bright as he did in the Copa Del Rey final.

I was hoping for a last-minute goal to give the team the tranquility they need to have for the Münich face-off, but it never came.

Anyway, as I said before, the team did what they needed to do, and victory is (and hopefully will continue to be) ours.

After all, we have some of the best players in the world (Team Cristiano, here), and the best goalkeeper we could ever wish for.

Looking forward to raise the European Cup for the 10th time, guys!

Let’s do this!

¡Hala Madrid!


P.S. Tonight another great match is scheduled, Europa League semi-finals Benfica – Juventus.

I really hope we can win this, the finals will be in Turin, in our own stadium 😉


For those who feel confused about my comments: I’m Italian, and my favorite team has always been Juventus. However, growing up I started following La Liga and The Premier League, so I also have a Spanish and an English favorite team: Real Madrid and Manchester United.

So, yeah, my heart as a soccer fan is divided into 3 parts.

Juventus against all

I’m not gonna say too much…

Just this: after tonight, is there anyone left who still dares to say that we steal?

32 loading.


After the Bowl

So, uh… Ehm… Yeah, We lost. I Feel Like crap, actually. I believed in the Team so much…And we were almost there! That was Very unfortunate >.<

The Half-Time show was Very good though! Well, she's Madonna.

And I Loved Marvel's commercial!

Can't freakin' wait for The Avengers!

Here you can watch the Commercials aired during the match:

BTW I started Watching White Collar. I love Matt Bomer (those eyes are simply enchanting) and the Series is so catchy!


But now it’s time to come back to my books… History is killing me. =__= Before this exam, I Loved History. Seriously.

Tschus Tschus!

Super Bowl Time!

Nothing to add, just… GO PATRIOTS! ;D

And have fun watching it, tonight! 😉

The mistery of the Viper’s injury

There are so many versions of what this is that, in order to avoid making a mess, I will now follow only WWE.Com information! So I’ll keep you posted, but right now, I’m going to bed!

iBuenas Noches!


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