OUAT 3×18 – Bleeding Through

Hello Oncers!

First of all, let me say that I am:

a) deeply sorry for making you wait so long for this post and skipping a week (gonna catch up with that)

b) thinking about changing the format of the reviews – no recap, just comments – as an experiment (though I don’t know IF or WHEN I’ll actually do that)

c) still confused from the ep. At this rate, I’m gonna need a timeline of the events along with a very detailed family tree for this show.

So… Let’s begin.

This week we have another close-up on Cora’s life before she became the Evil Queen’s mother and a powerful sorceress herself.

We learn why she abandoned Zelena, and how sometimes Destiny really is a funny business.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, a young Cora is working in a tavern.
One day she’s approached by a man who claims to be in love with her, and not only that.
Much to her delight, he accidentally drops his handkerchief: this is not just another piece of fabric… The royal crest is sewn on it.


The guy, Jonathan, tells her he’s a Prince, and proposes to her.
He also promises that he’ll be back in a fortnight to marry her.
Cora falls for it, and spends the night with him, losing her virtue.
When he doesn’t show up at their meeting spot, two weeks later, she goes back home, still wondering what really happened.

Did I scare him with my moves?

After two months, she runs into him on the way back home, and the truth is revealed: he was just the gardner pretending to be a Prince, and wants nothing to do with her anymore.


But… Surprise!
Guess who gets to be on the latest ep of “Teen Mom – Fairy Tale Land Edition”?


Yay, you got it right.
Johnny, however, doesn’t give a damn, and runs away.
Cora screams, and someone comes to her rescue.

Now, who is it? Choose from the following answers:

A) A Prince
B) A Prince
C) A Prince

And you got it right again.


Did you just say Prince?

Prince Leopold at your service.
If this name rings a bell, it’s because it should: King Leopold is going to have a child as pure as Snow…


Anyway, Cora doesn’t waste a second and bonds with the soon to be king; so much so, that she manages to make him ignore his long-time engagement to a certain Princess Eva (yeah, Snow’s mother, no need for subtlety at this point) – whom he’s never met before – and take the spot as the new future princess.


Heard the news, Jonathan returns – of course – and blackmails Cora.
She accepts to give him jewels and precious things in exchange of his silence.
The sad thing is, she would have actually got away with this, hadn’t it been for a certain princess who overheard the entire conversation and told everything to the the Prince.
As you may have guessed, Cora is asked to leave the castle, and Eva takes her place in the Crown Race heart of the Prince.

Cora leaving Zelena somewhere.

For the night is dark and full of terrors. Therefore I abandon you.

Cora: “To give me my best chance”


Regina’s house.
The doorbell rings, a basket of green apples awaits her at the doorstep.


Zelena has come to chit-chat about Apples’ flavor and quality with her sister/ distract her sister while Rumple steals her heart from Robin and the Merry Men.
He takes Roland as a hostage, and Robin has no other choice but to give him the heart.


Regina arrives, but it’s too late.
She goes back to Gold’s shop.
A reluctant Belle, after a heartfelt apology from Regina, decides to help her find out what on earth the Wicked Witch is trying to do with the ingredients collected so far.


Meanwhile, Regina decides to ask her mother why she couldn’t keep her legs closed why she had a child and abandoned her.

By conjuring her ghost with the help of the woman who murdered her and her happy family, of course!
Plus, a pirate.
Yeah, let’s throw Hook into this, the more people, the better.


The creepy thing apparently leads nowhere, so everyone goes home except for Snow, who stays to help and have a heart-to-not-exactly-there-heart conversation with Regina.
While they’re talking, Cora’s ghost appears.


They fight, Regina tries to protect Snow, but the ghost enters her (Snow’s) body.
When Regina manages to send her back to the other world, the rest of the Charmings + Hook (I’m gonna have to find a nickname for the them) + Belle arrive.
A weakened snow tells Cora’s story to the others, something she learned thanks to the spirit’s possession.
Now they know the truth, but they still don’t know Zelena’s true intentions.
Belle has actually done something useful, and she found out that what she wants to cast it’s a Time spell: Zelena wants to go back in time and kill Snow’s mother.

While all of this happened, Greenie was busy having dinner with Rumple (remember, she has the dagger) celebrating the fact that she only needed one last ingredient to cast the spell.


She explains the whole thing to Rumple, saying that she wants him to go with her. She promises he won’t lose his boy, this time.
Rumple tries to seduce her in order to steal the dagger from her, but fails.


Last scene:
Snow tells Regina that she needs to allow herself to be happy (get in line Snow, the entire world has been trying to do that for 3 seasons) and, you know what?
It works.
Like, it really does work.
Regina goes back to the woods and…



Quick Random Thoughts

I’m so happy that it all focuses on Regina.

Well, maybe not everything, but this 3b is a clear attempt in giving her character, especially her human side, the relevance it deserves.

It’s too easy to see only the Evil Queen, and forget about the woman behind.

Of course, some deeds remain unforgivable.

But OUAT gives us the chance to walk with the characters (the good and the bad ones) through life and learn from their experiences.

We have the chance to grow with them.

The same happens with Hook.

These villains, they’re starting to be more than that.

More than just the bad guys with no chance of redeeming.

They’re starting to fight for the right reasons, in the right way.

And if we look at the good guys, they aren’t that different: they also have a dark side, even the supposedly purest of them all (Snow).

In short, there’s no black and white, no pure good or pure evil.

Life’s in technicolor, and so are fairy tales.


Most Memorable Quotes

OUAT 3×14 – The Tower – more like Every horror movie you’ve seen

Sorry if I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m busy with University.

There won’t be regular updates, but there will be updates. I promise.

So, let’s take advantage of the fact that I have a bad cold and I couldn’t go to class, and write a longer review of one of the few tv series I had time to watch.

This week’s ep of Nightmare Once Upon A Time opens up with Charming in the middle of a dream, one of those it-seemed-odd-then-good-then-everything-went-wrong dreams, to be exact.

Anyway, he soon wakes up, and here comes Snow, with a belly as big as an air ballon: “We’re pregnant”



Charming: “You are? And I thought you got this fat just eating tons of berries… I know you missed Granny’s Lasagna.”

No, ok, I’m kidding.

But that would have been the logical answer.

However, the info we should treasure for later is that David is scared about having another child and not being able to be a good father to him, just like it happened with Emma.

We’ll, if we had to bet on your luck, Dave, we would probably agree with you.

But it doesn’t matter, because we love you.

Back in Storybrooke, the gang is on the Wicked Witch’s trail, who happens to share Snow’s passion for berries… Seriously, she left Berries all over Regina’s place.

I soooo wanted Regina to find that out (She was with Henry).

She would have gone all Bree Van de Kamp on her!

Even Hook seems to have noticed the comparison.

David: “You guys see anything?”

Hook: “Other than an austere sense of design, nothing”

Meanwhile, Zelena shares some life lessons with an apparently very-needy-of-a-shave Rumple, and gets some blood from him.

Long story short, she goes Eva Kent -but a lot less nice- and steals something from Rumple’s shop; something she’ll later put in David’s cup of tea.

Yeah, because Snow invited her for introductions, and of course, Tea.


I’m seriously convinced Mary Margaret is Snow’s naïve side.

Girl, you’re like the Queen of Bad Luck, would you please be sure to check your new exploitable friends’s background?

And no, being told by her that she was friends with Joanna doesn’t count.

At least someone seems to have some brains here: David shares the same concerns, and basically tells Snow not to trust anyone she meets.

Then he drinks The Wicked Witch homemade special tea.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Robin tells a half-drunk Charming the legend of the Night Route, a mission that’ll allow him to overcome any fear.

On the way to the mission, which of course he happily sets out to do, David hears someone screaming for help: he climbs the tower in front of him, and finds none other than an insecure Rapunzel.

She tells him her story.

The dark force keeping her in the tower – who turns out to be herself, for her deepest fear is not being able to be a good ruler – attacks them.

I don’t know how, while hanging to her hair, Charming manages to give pep-talks to Rapunzel, and she understands she has to fight her demons.

All ends well, and he brings her back to the Enchanted Forest.

The same happens in Storybrooke: David fights himself and overcomes his own fears, not without leaving behind a little gift for Greenie (the Wicked Witch steals his sword, in which it appears to be symbolically transferred a bit of his courage).


Regina, David, Hook and Emma find out Rumple is still alive, and that he was kept prisoner by The Wicked Witch (whose hideout has been discovered).


Random comments

The night route

You know, I get this whole “overcome your fears” thing, and I get the fact that Zzzzzelena needed all these “totems” from our favorite fairy tale characters… But was it necessary to make it look like a cheap horror movie? I mean, the only thing missing was the mask from Scream.

We even had Samara Morgan all dressed-up and coiffed

BTW, that hair was just the quintessence of creepiness.

Robin ❤

I rrrrreally appreciate Robin being like parsley and showing up pretty much everywhere.

Me likey.

Now, if we could just put him and Regina in the same scene also in Storybrooke…

But maybe I'm asking for too much, too soon.


What he’s thinking: “If i don’t come up with something right now, there won’t be any alcohol left for me…”

Memorable Quotes:

Hook: “There’s something wicked in your town. What do you say we go find it?”


Rumple: “All the voices in my head will be quiet when I’m dead”


Emma: “You look for any excuse to use that thing (the hook), do you?”


Emma: “You’re glad to hear I had my heart broken?”

Hook: “If it can be broken, it means it still works.”


Aaaaand… That’s all folks! 😉

ADDICTED TO MARS – A Veronica Mars Movie Review


7 years.

7 years and tons of petitions.

7 years, tons of petitions, and countless requests from the cast and the fans.

7 years, tons of petitions, countless requests from the cast and the fans, and a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign.

That’s what it took to WB to finally give us the sequel to our favorite female detective’s story.

And finally, the day has come!

So, let’s start!

First things first: Veronica.


The idea of presenting her journey back to Neptune through the addict metaphor is exactly what they should have done.

It fits in perfectly with the dynamics of the movie, other than the kind of mental place the protagonist finds herself to be in at the moment.

So, we walk with V this rehab path that should give her the closure she needs and allow her to go on with her life, away from her hometown and all the drama that comes with it.

Of course, that’s not gonna happen.

Even though it seemed to me that the case – the murder of popstar Bonnie Deville, formerly known as Carrie Bishop and current date of the one and only Logan Echolls – lacked a bit of the complexity so typical of the series, it was great entertainment.

I loved how it winked at – read mirrored – some of the most epic moments of the tv show.

Watching some of our favorite (and least favorite – Gia, Madison, I’m talking to you, girls -) characters reunited was definitely worth the wait.

Though I have to say, I would have appreciated a little more involvement in the case from the gang (Wallace, Mac, Weevil), a little more team play.


But, hey, if that meant more LoVe scenes, I’m certainly not complaining.


And about everyone’s favorite OTP: didn’t you just love it? The way those two are still so in love with each other after all these years, the need they have to be together.


That’s the kind of relationship that makes you crawl into your bed, wrap yourself up with your covers and think: “I don’t care about murders and murderers, ruined lives, bloodsheds and everything else. I just want my Logan.”


Ladies and gentlemen, their love story – also thanks to the incredible chemistry between Kristen and Jason – has defeated not only the series cancellation, but also time. (9 years have passed since they last saw each other!)

And Piz.

You know, I like Piz. I really do. (And Chris Lowell is The Adorableness)
But let’s be honest: the guy should have seen that coming the minute he saw the news on tv.
Actually, he should have seen that coming since… Ever.
And he did.
He’s always known he was just a rebound.
On one hand, I admire the fact that he still went for it, even though he knew he and Veronica weren’t meant to be; on the other, the heartbreak was just inevitable, so…

Let’s just gloat for LoVe a little bit more.

Overall, we could definitely say the epicness has been succesfully transported to the big screen.

And yet, the bittersweet taste of the so longed “closure” made us wanting more of it.

Of course, every true fan knows that longevity is a double-edged sword: even if there was the slightest chance of a real comeback for the series (and I recall reading somewhere that it might be a not-so-remote possibility) there are no guarantees that the product would be as satisfying as we’d love it to be.

But wouldn’t be worse if we’d miss the opportunity to find that out?

I mean, if everything goes awry, we could always pretend it never happened and be happy with the movie as the real ending instead (Hello every-Heroes-season-that-is-not-the-1st-one!).

So I say: Let’s gamble!

After all, we’re Marshmallows, and we’re addicted to Mars.


Special mentions


We all love Dick (Casablancas).

Just admit it: There would be no Neptune without him.


Didn’t you ship them a little in that pizza scene?

Plus, I didn’t dislike his character.

Well, better than Troy, anyway.



These three.

All the awards.


Not my favorite.

Hating him just wasn’t the same.

Don, we loved to hate YOU.


The great absentee.

Not that we missed him whatsoever.



Especially James Franco’s; the whole “orange thing” was simply hilarious.

Justin, Rob and Dax were great too, as it was Jamie Lee Curtis.


Telefilmic Week

I’m already Missing my favourite Shows >___< But who's excited for this week Hart of Dixie, Revenge, Supernatural and Once upon a time episodes? *raised hand*

Once I used to be excited about another great show called "Glee", but lately… Not so much.
It's just that the last Few episodes were Missing that "glee factor" that has always distinguished this Series from the others… I really hope the next episodes Will turn out to be as great as the ones we were used to! And then, now they have an adorable young guy, with a wonderfully funny Irish accent, named Damian McGinty (one of the winner of The Glee Project, for those who didn't know) and a returning Chord Overstreet on the way that Will certainly shake things up!

So… Let's get this started! Have a nice telefilmic week ya all! 😉


Oh no no: Winter Hiatus!

Is there anything worse than Maths, Hypocrites, Economic Crisis, S. Darko, Exams and Strawberry candies? Yes, and it’s called “Winter Hiatus”.

Why in the world letting fans arise their madness for 2 months or more should even be an option? How am I gonna make it through the day without my little perfect fantasy world waiting for me when I come back from University every evening?

“You could get a life, for example” someone would say…

Well, I actually have a life; and trust me, it’s highly overrated.

Not that my life sucks, but I don’t go around the University singing Brodway songs or classic rock hits while other students dance around me. I don’t get to meet Prince Charming, Cinderella, Snow White & Co. all in one day (if not ever). I don’t have to worry about gorgeous hybrids, vampires, werewolves and every supernatural thing you can name populating my little town.

My life is just… normal. Too normal. Like many of yours.

And here they come the tv shows, rescuing us from the same old daily routine.

And since there already is summer tearing us apart from our favourite leisure… Why winter hiatus???

So please tv channels: order at least a couple more episodes for every series, and shorten our pain!

In the meanwhile, I’ll give you all Tv Series PsychoFans like me a tip: FanFictions can be a great help! Sometimes they’re even better than the “real” writers’ work!

Now I’ll go studying a bit of Spanish, because in life we all need to occupy ourselves somehow (and good grades in exams are usually not simply granted… or at least this is how it should be!)

iHasta la vista!