Review: Gilmore Girls Revival – A Year In The Life

Ok, ok, ok.

Let’s do this. (Mind you, I’m writing this only now because of reasons, so I might forget a few things. That’s why I’ll stick to the main topics.)


Pretty much everyone was waiting for this moment to arrive: the day we’d finally get the final episodes of Gilmore Girls and find some closure.

But, boy, were we set up for disappointment.

Seriously, I don’t even know where to start!

No, actually I do: Rory.

Girl, what have you done to yourself? Is this the same person we loved to have as a role model when we were teenagers?

I’ve had to disagree with her choices many times in the past (saying no to Logan’s proposal, temporarily leaving Yale, the entire S4 arc…) but this ia a whole new level of “taking bad decisions”.


I get it. Life is hard. REAL life is even harder: the economy sucks, people who don’t even deserve to serve ice cream – not that there’s anything wrong with it, just sayin’. Think of Paul Rudd in Ant-Man – are at the top of the most desirable professional fields, and plastic dolls get the best guys.

But really, Rory? Really?

Does that make it ok to act like a jerk, looking down to fine jobs and sleeping around a la Brooke Logan (yes, I’m talking about The Bold and the Beautiful, sue me)?

I know that’s not exactly where she pictured herself to be at in her 30s, but that’s how things are, and she should have taken note and fought back.

But no, let’s throw a pity party and be the other woman. Who cares, right?

For someone who had always pursued honesty and loyalty in her relationships (again, S4 not counting), she sure has gone way out of character.

And don’t let me start on the “Best pick” speech, cause it’s really pointless after the (in)famous last four words.

But let’s do it anyway

First of all, had she chosen Logan, there is no guarantee she wouldn’t have done it for the baby, at this point.

Even though I’m convinced that’s who she should have ended up with, because let’s face it, who was the guy she kept inadvertently calling in moments of distress? Who was the guy who lifted up her spirits when she most needed it? Who was the guy she chose when presented with other oppurtunities in the past? And I could go on for hours, but the point is: once something like a pregnancy happens, it’s easy to lose focus of the real reasons you should choose a guy over another, especially if one of them is the father (I’m just assuming that’s the case).


And yes, I love Jess, almost as much as Logan, and I wouldn’t have minded if she had picked him instead. Well, maybe a bit… But hey, at least IT WAS A CHOICE. At least she would have finally realized how lucky she had been to have these amazing boys in her life. Regardless of what you think of them or the team you’re on, you have to admit that this girl had it all at one point, and she let go of pretty much everything.


Yep, Rory’s an idiot.


BTW, I’ve seen more realistic portrayals of the journalism world in Smallville & Co., and they were flying out of the window one minute, and using X-Ray vision on the crime scenes the next one.


Now that we’ve said what’s on everyone’s mind, let’s change subject.


Was it just me, or she was just a tiny bit (extremely) annoying in this one?

I get the father-daughter complicated relationship and the consequences that Richard’s death would ensue; I get the Wild thing; I get that sometimes you need a change in perspective in order to realize that you’re quite happy the way you are… But was it really necessary to make it seem like she was going through some humongous crisis? Cause she’s been through a lot of things in the past, and reacted way better.

I don’t know, I would have loved to see more of the quirky Lorelai we were used to in the first seasons, especially since Rory’s development went already down the not-happy-life-in-shambles way.


The Finale.

That wasn’t closure. I don’t care if producers go on and on about open endings because life is that way and blah, blah, blah. You’re doing a revival, and you’re doing it because the last season of your show didn’t get the job done. So, do it now.

We were left with almost the same amount of questions (if not more) than last time, so where’s the difference?

Yeah, I don’t care if it seems shallow, all I wanted from this 4 episodes was closure, and all I got is an uncontrollable need for fanfictions.


Now, on to the things I liked (which are not many, and there’s not too much to say about, so I’ll just make a list):

  • The Life And Death Brigade. – Best part of the revival.
  • Logan, Jess and Dean. Because, duh.
  • Paris. – Her and Emily’s was the only character growth I’ve seen in these four episodes. Also, loved Berta and her family.
  • Kirk’s movie. And Petal. And Oober.
  • Some of the cameos (there were too many, but a few were very well thought. Others – the majority – not that much)
  • The Homecoming idea at Chilton, though I hated Rory’s reaction to the principal’s job offer.
  • The setting and the festivals. Loved ’em.
  • The thirty-something gang. That was eerily funny.


As far as the other storylines go, I could have enjoyed the musical, but they made it unbearably long. Seriously, that time could have been used to further develop someone’s story (Jess’, or Christopher’s… They were given terrible screen time, especially the latter).

The one where Luke’s sister accidentally joined a cult was nicely done, but April didn’t have such luck. Hers, like others, was a bit rushed.

All in all, I think the only episode that was actually necessary to the story  was the last one, while the others were more an attempt to cure our nostalgia than anything. There was basically no actual development in the time span that went from S7 last episode and the first one of the revival (aside from what we’ve already talked about), so  it could have been structured differently – though I loved the idea of the seasons.

It didn’t satisfy me, but it also got me in the mood for a long due rewatch of the series.

So at least that was achieved.

I’m not happy to say these things; like every fan of the show, I wanted to love the the revival so badly, I’ve probably deluded myself with too high expectations.

But I still think they could have done waaaaay better than this.




Wait for it

Sooner or later I’m gonna post about the McNamara Situation (a.k.a. On a scale of 1 to Kat, how bad of an actor are you?) but for now, I want to wait. 

Episode 6 will be the deciding factor.

What can I say, I’m just that kind.


Shadowhunters – Speed Review 

This was meant to be posted yesterday, but things happened, and now here it is.


Ok so, Shadowhunters was nice, though too fast-paced… It didn’t give the viewer (and the characters) the time to fully process what’s going on.
I mean, you get the idea, but I bet it mustn’t be easy for the non-readers to follow without getting a bit of a headache (I’ve read the books, as you may have noticed, and even to me it seemed a bit too rushed).

According to many, the Lightwoods and Magnus seem to be the best part of the show so far, and I have to agree.


But honestly, even though the acting could have been better at times, I liked everyone else too.

I might be biased, since I was a fan of Dominic way before this, but still… I honestly think he IS the perfect Jace.

Just give’em a chance, people!
Almost nobody liked Jamie and Lily when the movie came out, and now all I’m reading is how much better they were… Just. Chill.

It’s okay to have personal opinions and preferences, but come on! Don’t be mean or know-it-all.
It might not be a masterpiece, and everything is a bit different from the books – as we knew it would be – but I’m really excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the series.

Could it be better? Sure. Could it be worse? Definitely.

But for now, I’d say it’s a worth-watching 40 minutes of television for the fans of the saga.


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How I got Out Of My Reading Slump

Ave, people!

How are you? (Yes, I’m really asking that)

Today, I’m gonna use the title of this this post as an excuse to talk about the last book I read  I‘m gonna tell you how I got out of a month-long reading slump. (Though tis’ true, I really couldn’t read anything lately… Just wasn’t in the mood, I guess).

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica day George


As you can tell, this book is about a princess. 12 of them, actually.

Yep, it’s a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Brothers Grimm, and a good one too.

I’ve seen mixed reviews about it (as usual, there never is unanimous consent for anything these days, and rightly so, I might add) so I guess mine will fit in the positive-ones category.

See, as I’ve  already told you multiple times in this post, I wasn’t in the mood for anything lately, not just books: since I came back from Giffoni, I have tried many things, but none of them would catch my interest for more than a day.

I’ve marathoned the first season of White Collar (again), rewatched Kingsman, Magic in the Moonlight, Shutter Island (again), started like 7 books and left them there, rewatched Mulan (which usually isn’t my first choice when it comes to my Disney Movies Rewatch, though I enjoy it just fine), went to the cinema to finally see Ant-Man (I should totally write a review, but yep, I’m that lazy), went out with my friends a lot more than I usually do, and many, many other things…

At last, I was so demotivated (I’m having a rough time trying to figure out what to do next, now that I have my college degree) that I started (re)watching Barbie movies.

And guys, I swear, that did the trick.


I’m not a snub when it comes to cartoons and such; infact, I love them. My bedroom bookshelves hold more than 500 mangas, I have original DVDs with episodes from Naruto, Mermaid Melody etc. and don’t get me started with Disney – see above – and Marvel (and DC, but mostly Marvel).

So it wasn’t a surprise that the “answer” came from that category. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t watch just anything, I am kinda picky in my own way; I just think that, if the story and the characters are good, you can work with that.

With Barbie movies you have to be a bit flexible, their target is indeed children (especially little girls) from what, 3 to 13? But that doesn’t mean they can’t be watched by anyone, or that the product can’t have any kind of potential for a good movie.

So, i started marathoning them, and watched like 15 movies in 3 days (still managing to go out and getting some decent sleep hours) and THAT got me in the mood for reading again.

The thing is, I love fairy tales and legends, and I love retellings. I must have read/seen hundreds of them.

So, I got on the internet and searched for books about the same source material as the Barbie movies I just saw, I found a goodreads list, picked one, and started reading it (hence Princess of the Midnight Ball).

And I liked it.

A light read, with not so bad characterization (for those who strongly disagree, just try yourself and give 12 princesses a different personality in a span of a few hundred pages to make them recognizable enough) and a convincing spin on the classic tale (!spoiler! – sort of – the princesses do not go dancing on their own will).

There are 3 books in this series (because it is a series): the first one revolves around all of them (as the title says), but Rose, the eldest sister, gets to be in the front line. The second one, Princess of Glass, is a Cinderella retelling with Poppy, one of the 12 sisters, as the main protagonist. The third one combines Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood’s stories, with Petunia, the youngest of the lot, taking the spotlight.

So far I’ve only read the first one, but I’m planning on reading the other two very soon.

Meanwhile, here’s my fancast for Galen and Rose


Marshall Williams as Galen

Evan Rachel Wood as Rose

So, that’s how I got out of my most recent reading slump.

What about you? How do you deal with this kind of situations? And what kind of books do you recommend in these cases?

Let me know 😉

Bye Bye, Apple Pies!

OUAT 3×18 – Bleeding Through

Hello Oncers!

First of all, let me say that I am:

a) deeply sorry for making you wait so long for this post and skipping a week (gonna catch up with that)

b) thinking about changing the format of the reviews – no recap, just comments – as an experiment (though I don’t know IF or WHEN I’ll actually do that)

c) still confused from the ep. At this rate, I’m gonna need a timeline of the events along with a very detailed family tree for this show.

So… Let’s begin.

This week we have another close-up on Cora’s life before she became the Evil Queen’s mother and a powerful sorceress herself.

We learn why she abandoned Zelena, and how sometimes Destiny really is a funny business.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, a young Cora is working in a tavern.
One day she’s approached by a man who claims to be in love with her, and not only that.
Much to her delight, he accidentally drops his handkerchief: this is not just another piece of fabric… The royal crest is sewn on it.


The guy, Jonathan, tells her he’s a Prince, and proposes to her.
He also promises that he’ll be back in a fortnight to marry her.
Cora falls for it, and spends the night with him, losing her virtue.
When he doesn’t show up at their meeting spot, two weeks later, she goes back home, still wondering what really happened.

Did I scare him with my moves?

After two months, she runs into him on the way back home, and the truth is revealed: he was just the gardner pretending to be a Prince, and wants nothing to do with her anymore.


But… Surprise!
Guess who gets to be on the latest ep of “Teen Mom – Fairy Tale Land Edition”?


Yay, you got it right.
Johnny, however, doesn’t give a damn, and runs away.
Cora screams, and someone comes to her rescue.

Now, who is it? Choose from the following answers:

A) A Prince
B) A Prince
C) A Prince

And you got it right again.


Did you just say Prince?

Prince Leopold at your service.
If this name rings a bell, it’s because it should: King Leopold is going to have a child as pure as Snow…


Anyway, Cora doesn’t waste a second and bonds with the soon to be king; so much so, that she manages to make him ignore his long-time engagement to a certain Princess Eva (yeah, Snow’s mother, no need for subtlety at this point) – whom he’s never met before – and take the spot as the new future princess.


Heard the news, Jonathan returns – of course – and blackmails Cora.
She accepts to give him jewels and precious things in exchange of his silence.
The sad thing is, she would have actually got away with this, hadn’t it been for a certain princess who overheard the entire conversation and told everything to the the Prince.
As you may have guessed, Cora is asked to leave the castle, and Eva takes her place in the Crown Race heart of the Prince.

Cora leaving Zelena somewhere.

For the night is dark and full of terrors. Therefore I abandon you.

Cora: “To give me my best chance”


Regina’s house.
The doorbell rings, a basket of green apples awaits her at the doorstep.


Zelena has come to chit-chat about Apples’ flavor and quality with her sister/ distract her sister while Rumple steals her heart from Robin and the Merry Men.
He takes Roland as a hostage, and Robin has no other choice but to give him the heart.


Regina arrives, but it’s too late.
She goes back to Gold’s shop.
A reluctant Belle, after a heartfelt apology from Regina, decides to help her find out what on earth the Wicked Witch is trying to do with the ingredients collected so far.


Meanwhile, Regina decides to ask her mother why she couldn’t keep her legs closed why she had a child and abandoned her.

By conjuring her ghost with the help of the woman who murdered her and her happy family, of course!
Plus, a pirate.
Yeah, let’s throw Hook into this, the more people, the better.


The creepy thing apparently leads nowhere, so everyone goes home except for Snow, who stays to help and have a heart-to-not-exactly-there-heart conversation with Regina.
While they’re talking, Cora’s ghost appears.


They fight, Regina tries to protect Snow, but the ghost enters her (Snow’s) body.
When Regina manages to send her back to the other world, the rest of the Charmings + Hook (I’m gonna have to find a nickname for the them) + Belle arrive.
A weakened snow tells Cora’s story to the others, something she learned thanks to the spirit’s possession.
Now they know the truth, but they still don’t know Zelena’s true intentions.
Belle has actually done something useful, and she found out that what she wants to cast it’s a Time spell: Zelena wants to go back in time and kill Snow’s mother.

While all of this happened, Greenie was busy having dinner with Rumple (remember, she has the dagger) celebrating the fact that she only needed one last ingredient to cast the spell.


She explains the whole thing to Rumple, saying that she wants him to go with her. She promises he won’t lose his boy, this time.
Rumple tries to seduce her in order to steal the dagger from her, but fails.


Last scene:
Snow tells Regina that she needs to allow herself to be happy (get in line Snow, the entire world has been trying to do that for 3 seasons) and, you know what?
It works.
Like, it really does work.
Regina goes back to the woods and…



Quick Random Thoughts

I’m so happy that it all focuses on Regina.

Well, maybe not everything, but this 3b is a clear attempt in giving her character, especially her human side, the relevance it deserves.

It’s too easy to see only the Evil Queen, and forget about the woman behind.

Of course, some deeds remain unforgivable.

But OUAT gives us the chance to walk with the characters (the good and the bad ones) through life and learn from their experiences.

We have the chance to grow with them.

The same happens with Hook.

These villains, they’re starting to be more than that.

More than just the bad guys with no chance of redeeming.

They’re starting to fight for the right reasons, in the right way.

And if we look at the good guys, they aren’t that different: they also have a dark side, even the supposedly purest of them all (Snow).

In short, there’s no black and white, no pure good or pure evil.

Life’s in technicolor, and so are fairy tales.


Most Memorable Quotes

Reviews are coming

Game of Thrones.

Right now, I’m rewatching ep 4×01 so that I can write the review, but I won’t publish it until next weekend.

I’m gonna post it together with the second episode’s one.

Sorry, but I’m having some Personal issues I have to deal with.

The same goes with OUAT.

By Easter, you’ll have the reviews, I promise.

Have a great week!


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