Tv Series Recap

To quote Liam from 90210: “Ok, I’m ready… Let’s do this!”


How heartbreaking was the last episode? Even though I Think a definitive death is needed at this point in the show (if anything, to make it more believable) it’s always hard to say goodbye to the characters we love… But with a returning Cass, it was the right thing to do, I guess!

Hart of Dixie

Oh no, this is not the way you do a mid-season finale!
No suspence left, no breath-taking moments, no questions unanswered that could find their solution after the break… Nothing. Nothing but frustration.
Normally, I can’t wait to see the up-coming episode, but right now I couldn’t care less!
I unterstood that something relevant between Zoe and Wade will happen only when we’ll get to the season finale, but they’re running out of possibilities (and likelihood).
Hopefully, the rest of the season will be better than I expect.

Gossip Girl

Now that’s how you do a mid-season finale!
I didn’t think I would say that, but this season is really working!
4th season, you are just a memory, thanks God!
And even if I ship Dair, and I felt sorry for Louis because he really loves Blair, I felt good for her to reconnect with Chuck.
But what will happen now? Can’t wait to see!


Aww ❤ Such a great episode! I really don't want Samcedes to happen again (I can't Stand Mercedes) but I can't see another option at the moment, so I guess I'll Have to accept that.
We Are Young was so great, and New Directions were the clear winners of Sectionals to me… The Survivor/I will survive mash-up wasn't as good as I expected, and even though Lindsay was great, the song wasn't enough to beat the Jacksons' mash-up.


4th Season sucks.
I Started watching the first Episode, but if a girl is so dumb to say no to Liam asking her to marry him not once, but twice in the same day, there’s something wrong. It’s not even thinkable. Like when Rory didn’t accept Logan’s proposal. Yeah, like if any reasonable woman would refuse the love of her life. Right.
So I decided 4th season wasn’t worth the watch.
And judging by what I read happened next, I was right.

Once upon a time

Great show, but still wondering where it’s really heading… Uhm…

So, this is pretty much everything I have to say about it… Enjoy your week! 😉

Glee 3×06 Mash-Off

I may go against everyone’s taste, but for me this one was the best song of the episode

I’ve also really appreciated all the other songs, except for the New Direction’s mash up for the challenge… I mean, it was ok but just… that.

When you have some killer number like the Troubletones’ Rumor has it/Someone like you (that was a worlwide trend topic on Twitter, BTW) you just have to pull off something more!

All in all, the episode was very “Glee” this week (I said there was a lack of “Gleeality” in the previous episodes, and I still think that way) so now I’m glad we went back on track! Let’s hope it will continue to be like this!

Oh, and for once, I didn’t hate Finn. I thought it was time for someone to talk like that to Santana… What happened next was unfortunate, but he was right (breaking news, call the newspapers, Finn got it right for the first time) and she has to stop talking trash about everyone. Ok, that’s the carachter, but there are limits. Even because… What goes around, comes around!