The Book Corner – The Lunar Chronicles


Hello People!

Today I’m gonna annoy you with how much I loved Cress.


When I first started this series, I wasn’t too impressed with it, to be honest.

Cinder wasn’t a heavy read by any means, but I didn’t find it exactly captivating either.

As a protagonist, I kinda liked her, but there wasn’t the emotional connection I thought there would be, and the same happened with Kai.

I went on reading though, and I’m glad I did, because with Scarlet things started to take a pleasant turn, mainly because of the switching pov thing (I mean, I cared more about Cinder in Scarlet, than in her own book).

And, let’s be honest: also because of Thorne.

See, not every book/saga has a character so remarkable that is able to make a real difference, but this one does.

Thorne is that guy that you either love or hate, but can’t argue that is good for the story.

And me… Well, I ❤ Thorne.


Anyway, Scarlet was definitely more enjoyable than the first book, though it’s not perfect.

The major improvement comes with Cress.

Aaaaaahhhh, Cress.


For someone who blindly loves Rapunzel (and sees Tangled as THE canon version of the story because.), it wasn’t easy to please me. I was expecting to be veeeeery critical and veeeeery judgy about it, but I couldnt.

I liked Cress. I liked Thorne. I liked them together. liked the context. I liked pretty much everything.

I was dreading a weak and remissive character, some unoriginal washed-up version of it, but luckily that was not the case.

Besides the fact that there was great chemistry between all the stories and the characters – and that you could finally see the puzzle pieces coming together – this book read so smoothly, I didn’t even realize I was halfway through it at some point.

I really hope they’re gonna turn it into a tv show or a movie series soon (I’ll do some reasearch and see if the rights have already been secured by some major like they did with other book series).

Now we’ll have to wait till November to read Winter (and I still have to read Fairest), but I’ll probably spend the next few months diving into Cresswell fanfictions (if you know some good ones, please share!) because CRESSWELL OTP.


By the way, I have a habit of fancasting very book I read, so I’m just gonna leave you here my fancast for this series. Tell me if you could see it work 😉


Jamie Chung – Cinder

Rachel Hurd-Wood – Scarlet

Elizabeth Olsen – Cress

Sonequa Martin-Green – Winter

Godfrey Gao – Kai

Tyler Hoechlin – Wolf

Taron Edgerton – Thorne

Ryan Parrish – Jacin

Oh no no: Winter Hiatus!

Is there anything worse than Maths, Hypocrites, Economic Crisis, S. Darko, Exams and Strawberry candies? Yes, and it’s called “Winter Hiatus”.

Why in the world letting fans arise their madness for 2 months or more should even be an option? How am I gonna make it through the day without my little perfect fantasy world waiting for me when I come back from University every evening?

“You could get a life, for example” someone would say…

Well, I actually have a life; and trust me, it’s highly overrated.

Not that my life sucks, but I don’t go around the University singing Brodway songs or classic rock hits while other students dance around me. I don’t get to meet Prince Charming, Cinderella, Snow White & Co. all in one day (if not ever). I don’t have to worry about gorgeous hybrids, vampires, werewolves and every supernatural thing you can name populating my little town.

My life is just… normal. Too normal. Like many of yours.

And here they come the tv shows, rescuing us from the same old daily routine.

And since there already is summer tearing us apart from our favourite leisure… Why winter hiatus???

So please tv channels: order at least a couple more episodes for every series, and shorten our pain!

In the meanwhile, I’ll give you all Tv Series PsychoFans like me a tip: FanFictions can be a great help! Sometimes they’re even better than the “real” writers’ work!

Now I’ll go studying a bit of Spanish, because in life we all need to occupy ourselves somehow (and good grades in exams are usually not simply granted… or at least this is how it should be!)

iHasta la vista!