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Sooner or later I’m gonna post about the McNamara Situation (a.k.a. On a scale of 1 to Kat, how bad of an actor are you?) but for now, I want to wait. 

Episode 6 will be the deciding factor.

What can I say, I’m just that kind.


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How I got Out Of My Reading Slump

Ave, people!

How are you? (Yes, I’m really asking that)

Today, I’m gonna use the title of this this post as an excuse to talk about the last book I read  I‘m gonna tell you how I got out of a month-long reading slump. (Though tis’ true, I really couldn’t read anything lately… Just wasn’t in the mood, I guess).

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica day George



As you can tell, this book is about a princess. 12 of them, actually.

Yep, it’s a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Brothers Grimm, and a good one too.

I’ve seen mixed reviews about it (as usual, there never is unanimous consent for anything these days, and rightly so, I might add) so I guess mine will fit in the positive-ones category.

See, as I’ve  already told you multiple times in this post, I wasn’t in the mood for anything lately, not just books: since I came back from Giffoni, I have tried many things, but none of them would catch my interest for more than a day.

I’ve marathoned the first season of White Collar (again), rewatched Kingsman, Magic in the Moonlight, Shutter Island (again), started like 7 books and left them there, rewatched Mulan (which usually isn’t my first choice when it comes to my Disney Movies Rewatch, though I enjoy it just fine), went to the cinema to finally see Ant-Man (I should totally write a review, but yep, I’m that lazy), went out with my friends a lot more than I usually do, and many, many other things…

At last, I was so demotivated (I’m having a rough time trying to figure out what to do next, now that I have my college degree) that I started (re)watching Barbie movies.

And guys, I swear, that did the trick.


I’m not a snub when it comes to cartoons and such; infact, I love them. My bedroom bookshelves hold more than 500 mangas, I have original DVDs with episodes from Naruto, Mermaid Melody etc. and don’t get me started with Disney – see above – and Marvel (and DC, but mostly Marvel).

So it wasn’t a surprise that the “answer” came from that category. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t watch just anything, I am kinda picky in my own way; I just think that, if the story and the characters are good, you can work with that.

With Barbie movies you have to be a bit flexible, their target is indeed children (especially little girls) from what, 3 to 13? But that doesn’t mean they can’t be watched by anyone, or that the product can’t have any kind of potential for a good movie.

So, i started marathoning them, and watched like 15 movies in 3 days (still managing to go out and getting some decent sleep hours) and THAT got me in the mood for reading again.

The thing is, I love fairy tales and legends, and I love retellings. I must have read/seen hundreds of them.

So, I got on the internet and searched for books about the same source material as the Barbie movies I just saw, I found a goodreads list, picked one, and started reading it (hence Princess of the Midnight Ball).

And I liked it.

A light read, with not so bad characterization (for those who strongly disagree, just try yourself and give 12 princesses a different personality in a span of a few hundred pages to make them recognizable enough) and a convincing spin on the classic tale (!spoiler! – sort of – the princesses do not go dancing on their own will).

There are 3 books in this series (because it is a series): the first one revolves around all of them (as the title says), but Rose, the eldest sister, gets to be in the front line. The second one, Princess of Glass, is a Cinderella retelling with Poppy, one of the 12 sisters, as the main protagonist. The third one combines Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood’s stories, with Petunia, the youngest of the lot, taking the spotlight.

So far I’ve only read the first one, but I’m planning on reading the other two very soon.

Meanwhile, here’s my fancast for Galen and Rose


Marshall Williams as Galen

Evan Rachel Wood as Rose

So, that’s how I got out of my most recent reading slump.

What about you? How do you deal with this kind of situations? And what kind of books do you recommend in these cases?

Let me know 😉

Bye Bye, Apple Pies!

The Book Corner – YA Series

Welcome to the first, extended edition of TBC! 

Today I’m gonna talk about some of those YA series that have kept me glued to the page/screen. 

Since I liked some better than others, or I still haven’t had the chance to read all the books in a series (mostly because of university or cause not all of them are out yet), I’ll be as brief as possible with the comments.

As a matter of fact, I’ll use colors to indicate how much I liked them. 

  • Red: I Loved It! Like, A LOT.
  • Pink: “It’s So Fluffy!!!” =  A bit cheesy, but definitely well done.
  • Purple: Very Good. 
  • Orange: Good.
  • Yellow: Mmh, it works, but it could be better. There’s potential, therefore plenty of room for improvement. There are some issues, though. 

Of course, I’ recommending these books to you, so there won’t be (completely) negative feedbacks, hence the lack of other, less complimentary colors/grades. 

One last thing: This post is absolutely subjective. It’s just my opinion, my take on things. Feel free to disagree.


Let’s start! 





I loved it.

Though The Elite didn’t live up to the expectations created by the first book, The One caught up to it, and overall it was a great read. Not too shallow, not too heavy. And say what you want, I love America: she’s a badass. I know many find her annoying, but I don’t. I might not agree 100% of the time with her decisions or actions, but I think that only makes her human. I know I’m biased on this; it’s probably just a purple or an orange.  But please, try to bear my unconditioned love for it.

SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi




Warner. X-Men-like powers. Warner. Juliette going from a whiny, scared little girl to a powerful and empowered woman. Warner. Good characterization. Warner. Action, comedy, romance. Did I say Warner? 






I know, I know. You’re seeing Red (see what I did here), and a bit too much of it. But I can’t help it.

This series is not only well written, but it has great main characters (plus, the twins! Who doesn’t love the twins?) and the right balance of humor and drama. Definitely a must read.






Ok, here’s the thing: I can’t stand Tessa, and I barely stand Clary. And let’s not talk about Simon. I know many of you will hate me for saying this, but I had to. On the other hand, I adore Will, Magnus, Sebastian and, most of the time, Jace. Izzy is totally the best female character in TMI. I’ll say no more, I don’t want to spoil you any more that I already have. The purple is more on a I-can’t-really-stand-the-main-character-sorry-can’t-help-it level than anything, because I love Cassie’s writing. 

THE RAVEN CYCLE by Maggie Stiefvater 




I’m only giving it a Purple because I still have to read Blue Lily, Lily Blue and, of course, The Raven King. It will most likely turn into a Red pretty soon after that, because these books are so brilliant. Maggie knows how to confound you with class. Yep, that’s what this series does: it gives you a bit of a headache, but it’s like, the best feeling ever. Though to be fair, I still have to decide if I like Blue or not. I sure love the boys, especially Gansey, Ronan and Noah. 





I’m way behind with this one, so I can’t be more specific. But I can tell you: so far, so good. 

THE DARKEST MINDS by Alexandra Bracken




If you’ve read this, you’ll get the irony of classifying it as red. If you haven’t… Well, what are you waiting for? 

This series completely destroyed my feelings. I admit I had prejudices at first, but then I started it. All it took was 3 days,  and there I was, crying after reading the first two books and craving In The Afterlight like an alcoholic craves his bottle of Jack. 

RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard




Look, I’m not doing this intentionally (not always, at least) but colors have their way of being funny, so I give an Orange to the Red Queen. (See…) 

The thing is, after reading The Selection and Shatter Me – also after The Jewel, which has next to nothing to do with it, but I still associate the two of them for no apparent reason – I kind of expected more from this. I really liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t love it. But I am indeed incredibly curious about what happens next. 

THE WINNER’S TRILOGY by Marie Rutkoski



Oh my God, I absolutely worship this book. 

The Winner’s Curse is basically perfect: Kestrel is one of the most likable and less annoying mc you’ll find in YA series, the world-building and storytelling are amazing, and you kind of wish you could play Bite and Sting instead of Poker like they do. I’m waiting for The Winner’s Kiss to be published before continuing with The Winner’s Crime, cause I’ve accidentally spoiled myself how the 2nd book ends, and I think I’ll need therapy if I read it before the 3rd one is out.

REBEL BELLE by Rachel Hawkins




“On Wednesdays, we wear pink”

I had to do this, sorry. 

So, I didn’t label this books Pink just because it is indeed pink, or cause I wanted to quote Mean Girls. I did it because it’s so odd… But at the same time so likeable. It has a lighter vibe than other ?fantasy? series, but still concvincing, though the premise may seem totally absurd. it’s fresh and funny, and a pleasant read. Although truth be told, I didn’t enjoy Miss Mayhem as much as the first one. 

VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Richelle Mead



I even surprised myself giving a Red to yet another vampire book. But here’s the thing: it’s not just another vampire book.

To get what I mean, please read this series. You probably wouldn’t believe my reasons otherwise. I promise, it’ll be worth your time. 

P.S. Adrian. 

THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas



Ah, the reason this category was created. 

This book could have been so much more. The prose here it’s so conceited and so unnerving. “Celaena here, Celaena there, she’s so beautiful/strong/amazing/breathtaking/incredible1!111! She’s the center of the universe, and everything and everyone revolves around her.” And it’s in 3rd person! I don’t wanna think about how it could have been if it was told from a 1st person perspective! It’s almost a miracle that it manages to deliver a good story, but it does. The story is interesting, it’s impossible not to like some of the characters, though it’s evident who the author’s protégées are. And that’s probably the thing that bugs me the most: the author presence is all over the place. I do like these books, and I do recommend them to those who love fairies, magic, assassins and whatnots. But be warned: the writing might get on your nerves.

GRACELING by Kristin Cashore 




I’ve only read the first book in the series, but I can already tell how good this is. 

Honestly: that’s how Throne of Glass should have done things. And I’m not talking about content, because the two of them are very similar on that matter; I’m talking about characterization and prose, as I’ve widely explained a few lines ago. Katsa is much more relatable (and human) than Calaena, and she clearly doesn’t need to be pushed by the author in order to seem more likeable. I look forward to read the next books in the series. 

THE LONE CITY by Amy Ewing



I really liked this book.

There’s a weird concept behind it, but it certainly works. And I’m so thrilled about The White Rose coming out in October.

THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins 




Yes, I’m The bitch who gave a Yellow to one of the most popular series ever. Boo-ooh.

But yeah, not sorry. 

Listen, I appreciate this series, the story and even the world-building. I just disagree on some of the choices the author has made throughout the book. I just find it really heavy, especially compared to other dystopians I very much enjoyed. And I don’t really care for Katniss or/and Peeta. I like Gale better, but that’s not the reason I have issues with these books. If you really wanna know, I adore Finnick. I actually ship him with Katniss. And Catching Fire is one of my favorite books/movies ever. So, see? It’s not that I want to criticize because it’s fun. It isn’t. It’s much funnier when you like everything. But I don’t, and that’s how it is, unfortunately. So, Yellow for now (I do need to re-read the series to confirm it though).

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth




You know, I still have to read Allegiant.

I just couldn’t. I accidentally found out about the ending just a few days after the book had been published, and since then I just… Left it there. Anyway, now that I don’t have to worry about university deadlines I will definitely have a readathon of the series. All in all, it’s a solid read, and I’m perfectly fine with an Orange rating (or even Purple if you will).  

SNOW LIKE ASHES by Sara Raasch




A lighter read of what you would usually expect from a fantasy book, but very pleasant nonetheless. I really dig the season-centered world. 




Nothing screams Pink more than this contemporary romance. 

Cute, quirky (if you read this, you’ll get the reference), funny and catchy. Lots of feels here. 

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins




I’m not sure this completely classifies as a series, but oh well.
I love Perkins’ writing style, and I enjoyed her books very much so. Warning: You will inevitably fall in love with the main male characters of the 3 installments, so brace yourselves.


A.K.A. Those instant classics that we love to read over and over again. 

HARRY POTTER by J. K. Rowling 













A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE by George R. R. Martin



THE LORD OF THE RINGS by J. R. R. Tolkien 




And… Action!

Ok, questo è il mio blog… Si capisce. L’ho creato perché avevo voglia di dire la mia quando mi andava, di commentare quando ne avevo voglia… Non mi piacciono gli esibizionisti e sono pigra, quindi scrivere su facebook non avrebbe avuto senso (è quello che cerca la gente lì, no? Attenzioni.) Perciò eccomi… Scriveró a seconda di come mi gira, o in inglese o in italiano, di argomenti random (ma saranno più o meno sempre gli stessi), con frequenza indefinita.

I miei maggiori interessi sono: L’America (U.S.A), i telefilm, il wrestling (WWE), film, libri, Sport vari (Basket, Slamball…), musica, sci-fi, anime e manga etc. Diciamo che saranno questi i miei topic principali…

Che altro dire? Se vi va, leggete, sennó nessuno vi obbliga!

Have fun!