Emma Stone as Captain Marvel (fancast)

Because, Emma Stone.


Yesterday I posted this on my other social media accounts, so it was only fair I’d post it here too.

And these are my reasons for this fancast:

Why not?

Now that Spidey (and Gwen) are back to Marvel, Emma could totally join the MCU playing Carol Danvers. 

Emma is an extremely talented performer, other than strikingly beautiful, incredibly smart and really kind (she’s my favorite actress, as you may have noticed). She has to be included in the current Marvel Universe somehow (again, though I loved her as Gwen, it doesn’t technically count as a MCU character). 

She’d be the most badass female superhero ever.

I don’t know what they have in store for this character, maybe they’re looking for a slightly older actress to play it, like Charlize Theron or Bryce Dallas Howard… I’ve also heard Emily Blunt and Natalie Dormer being associated with the role. 

Anyway, though I think any of them could be a good fit (except maybe Emily), I still think Emma would kill it. 

What about you? Who do you think should be the next Captain Marvel? 😉

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