OUAT 3×18 – Bleeding Through

Hello Oncers!

First of all, let me say that I am:

a) deeply sorry for making you wait so long for this post and skipping a week (gonna catch up with that)

b) thinking about changing the format of the reviews – no recap, just comments – as an experiment (though I don’t know IF or WHEN I’ll actually do that)

c) still confused from the ep. At this rate, I’m gonna need a timeline of the events along with a very detailed family tree for this show.

So… Let’s begin.

This week we have another close-up on Cora’s life before she became the Evil Queen’s mother and a powerful sorceress herself.

We learn why she abandoned Zelena, and how sometimes Destiny really is a funny business.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, a young Cora is working in a tavern.
One day she’s approached by a man who claims to be in love with her, and not only that.
Much to her delight, he accidentally drops his handkerchief: this is not just another piece of fabric… The royal crest is sewn on it.


The guy, Jonathan, tells her he’s a Prince, and proposes to her.
He also promises that he’ll be back in a fortnight to marry her.
Cora falls for it, and spends the night with him, losing her virtue.
When he doesn’t show up at their meeting spot, two weeks later, she goes back home, still wondering what really happened.

Did I scare him with my moves?

After two months, she runs into him on the way back home, and the truth is revealed: he was just the gardner pretending to be a Prince, and wants nothing to do with her anymore.


But… Surprise!
Guess who gets to be on the latest ep of “Teen Mom – Fairy Tale Land Edition”?


Yay, you got it right.
Johnny, however, doesn’t give a damn, and runs away.
Cora screams, and someone comes to her rescue.

Now, who is it? Choose from the following answers:

A) A Prince
B) A Prince
C) A Prince

And you got it right again.


Did you just say Prince?

Prince Leopold at your service.
If this name rings a bell, it’s because it should: King Leopold is going to have a child as pure as Snow…


Anyway, Cora doesn’t waste a second and bonds with the soon to be king; so much so, that she manages to make him ignore his long-time engagement to a certain Princess Eva (yeah, Snow’s mother, no need for subtlety at this point) – whom he’s never met before – and take the spot as the new future princess.


Heard the news, Jonathan returns – of course – and blackmails Cora.
She accepts to give him jewels and precious things in exchange of his silence.
The sad thing is, she would have actually got away with this, hadn’t it been for a certain princess who overheard the entire conversation and told everything to the the Prince.
As you may have guessed, Cora is asked to leave the castle, and Eva takes her place in the Crown Race heart of the Prince.

Cora leaving Zelena somewhere.

For the night is dark and full of terrors. Therefore I abandon you.

Cora: “To give me my best chance”


Regina’s house.
The doorbell rings, a basket of green apples awaits her at the doorstep.


Zelena has come to chit-chat about Apples’ flavor and quality with her sister/ distract her sister while Rumple steals her heart from Robin and the Merry Men.
He takes Roland as a hostage, and Robin has no other choice but to give him the heart.


Regina arrives, but it’s too late.
She goes back to Gold’s shop.
A reluctant Belle, after a heartfelt apology from Regina, decides to help her find out what on earth the Wicked Witch is trying to do with the ingredients collected so far.


Meanwhile, Regina decides to ask her mother why she couldn’t keep her legs closed why she had a child and abandoned her.

By conjuring her ghost with the help of the woman who murdered her and her happy family, of course!
Plus, a pirate.
Yeah, let’s throw Hook into this, the more people, the better.


The creepy thing apparently leads nowhere, so everyone goes home except for Snow, who stays to help and have a heart-to-not-exactly-there-heart conversation with Regina.
While they’re talking, Cora’s ghost appears.


They fight, Regina tries to protect Snow, but the ghost enters her (Snow’s) body.
When Regina manages to send her back to the other world, the rest of the Charmings + Hook (I’m gonna have to find a nickname for the them) + Belle arrive.
A weakened snow tells Cora’s story to the others, something she learned thanks to the spirit’s possession.
Now they know the truth, but they still don’t know Zelena’s true intentions.
Belle has actually done something useful, and she found out that what she wants to cast it’s a Time spell: Zelena wants to go back in time and kill Snow’s mother.

While all of this happened, Greenie was busy having dinner with Rumple (remember, she has the dagger) celebrating the fact that she only needed one last ingredient to cast the spell.


She explains the whole thing to Rumple, saying that she wants him to go with her. She promises he won’t lose his boy, this time.
Rumple tries to seduce her in order to steal the dagger from her, but fails.


Last scene:
Snow tells Regina that she needs to allow herself to be happy (get in line Snow, the entire world has been trying to do that for 3 seasons) and, you know what?
It works.
Like, it really does work.
Regina goes back to the woods and…



Quick Random Thoughts

I’m so happy that it all focuses on Regina.

Well, maybe not everything, but this 3b is a clear attempt in giving her character, especially her human side, the relevance it deserves.

It’s too easy to see only the Evil Queen, and forget about the woman behind.

Of course, some deeds remain unforgivable.

But OUAT gives us the chance to walk with the characters (the good and the bad ones) through life and learn from their experiences.

We have the chance to grow with them.

The same happens with Hook.

These villains, they’re starting to be more than that.

More than just the bad guys with no chance of redeeming.

They’re starting to fight for the right reasons, in the right way.

And if we look at the good guys, they aren’t that different: they also have a dark side, even the supposedly purest of them all (Snow).

In short, there’s no black and white, no pure good or pure evil.

Life’s in technicolor, and so are fairy tales.


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