OUAT 3×15 – Quiet Minds – Fall Of A Hero


I’m deeply sorry for being late with the weekly review, but I was busy today, and I just managed to watch the episode.

And what a sad ep it was!

This week things get reeeeeaaally complicated, so stick with me till the end!


First things first, the recap.


Belle and Neal are trying to get Rumple back.
The Wicked Witch, who now owns the Dark One’s dagger and would be able to control him if he was still alive, tries to take advantage of this situation, and forces someone to cooperate.
This someone is none other than Lumière, a poor guy turned into a candelabra by one of the Usual Suspects (The Wicked Witch), who’s now a reluctant accomplice in all this.
He talks Neal into using dark magic to bring Rumple back to life.
At some point, Belle realizes he’s a liar, but it’s no use: Neal proceeds with the plan, and he doesn’t fail.
Rumple is back, but as the Wicked Witch kindly points out: “A life for a life.”
Rumple tries to save his son by becoming one and the same with him: two minds, one body.


The gang decides to split: Emma and David go to the woods to find Rumple, Regina goes back to the Wicked Witch lair to see if there’s any way to identify her, Hook is stuck at the shop to babysit protect Belle while she does some researches, and Snow stays at home with her new bestie Zzzzelena (who’s even creepier than usual).
Meanwhile, Neal reappears – weak, hurt, and with a strange symbol on his right hand -.
Hook and Belle take him to the hospital, Emma and David join them soon after.
The whole situation is explained, and Neal learns that Henry is clueless.
Belle is sent to do some research on the symbol, David and Emma go back to the woods, Hook stays at the hospital with Neal.
After a short exchange (and a very touching hug-scene) Hook agrees to let Neal go looking for his father.
At the WW (Wicked Witch)’s house, Regina and Robin FINALLY meet… Again.
(I’ll drool over this later in the commentary)
After a Ping-pong flirting (If this way of saying doesn’t already exist, I’m making it legit right now.) Regina sees Robin’s tattoo and runs away, remembering Tinkerbell’s words.
Later we’ll see her watching Robin and Roland from behind the trees.
Back in the woods, David and Emma find Rumple, but they soon lose him again, thanks to a flying monkey.
While David deals with the monkey, Emma goes after Rumple, finding Neal instead.
They chit-chat a bit, then Belle calls: she tells them about the spell and, at the same time, Neal falls to the ground.
The magic is revealed: Rumple and Neal share the same body, but only one can survive.
Neal decides to sacrifice himself for everyone else’s sake.
Rumple reveals that Zelena is the WW.
Everyone is mourning but Henry, who’s still unaware of things (even though he knows something’s off).
Emma tells him part of the truth: she tells him his father was a hero, and that whoever has killed him is going to pay.


Neal’s Death.


When the series creators said that someone was going to die in this second part of the season, I knew it was going to be Neal.

I just knew it.

Now, let’s just forget ships and teams for a moment, and analyze this unnecessary death.

Yeah, I said unnecessary, because that’s what I think it was.

To be honest, they took the easy way.

I don’t know if there were other reasons behind this choice (maybe Michael just had a busy schedule or whatever), but two things are certain: a) Captain Swan was clearly going to become endgame b) Neal’s character lost his appeal after the second half of S2.

What I think they’ve done here, is finding a legit way to give the green light to Captain Swan and, at the same time, sort out the fate of a character that, apparently, wasn’t going anywhere.

Even though I’m happy for my ship (Cap Swan at heart, you guys know that), I don’t think this was the best way to put them together.

I get the whole I-know-how-it-feels-to-lose-your-first-love thing that’s supposed to make Emma and Hook get even closer, but I don’t like when the shadow of past lovers keeps interfering with the current relationship.

Said in other words: I don’t want characters to get together because the other part of the love-triangle died.

I could barely accept the fact that Milah died years before our story takes place, leaving Hook to pine over her for ages.

I just want people to be together because they want to, not because that’s the best choice they’ve left.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just being childish, but I’ve always hated the fact that someone new is supposed to be (just) a substitute for someone that is now (long) gone.

It feels like diminishing the current relationships worth.

But, hey, I know that life is made of past, present and future, and it’s not like we can love only one person throughout our lives.

But still…

Plus, I liked Neal.

It’s always sad to see one of the characters you like dying without a happy ending.

Come on, the poor guy didn’t even get to say goodbye to his son.

BTW, Emma dearie, please: tell Henry the freaking truth.

This not-remembering-a-damn-thing is soooo annoying.

Just get through with it.

Quotes Time

The Wicked Witch

“I’d watch your tone, candle!”


Dude, you’re the one speaking to a candle.

Actually, you’re the one who turned him into a candle!

“I am not letting you have this baby without me.”


“It no longer matters now that I have your beautiful brain”

Even creepier.

The Outlaw Queen Lovefest

Regina: “Show yourself, you winged-freak!”


Regina: “Just… Don’t get in my way”

Robin: “I wouldn’t dream of it”

Regina: “Have we met before?”

Robin: “I doubt I’d ever forget meeting you”

Most touching quote:

Neal: “Go find Talahassee… Even if it is without me.”


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