Sunday, Monday… Tuesday now!

Very fast cause I don’t have much time and this stomach ache is literally killing me!

First things first: SHEAMUS WON THE RUMBLE!

He was my second pick after Jericho.
I’m glad he won, he is probably the most solid choice right now, but I can’t help but feeling a little disapponted: Chris hasn’t many years left (I’m talking about his in-ring career, of course!) so it would have been nice to see him getting the victory! He really deserves being a Rumble winner after all that he has accomplished!
Anyway, I guess we can still hope for it, maybe next year!

Speaking of this year’s edition…
It was funnier than last year’s for sure!
Kharma and Road Dogg were a nice surprise, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the announcers were expected.
It was a pity not having Christian and Ted Dibiase in the competition, I thought they would have taken part in it.

Ted wrote on Twitter that the doctor didn’t give him the ok to compete, while Christian is not ready to come back yet, I guess! ;(
Or maybe they have other plans for him…?

I still think they could have avoided some entrances like Hunico’s and Jimmy Uso’s and replaced them with other guys that have been around longer (Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater ecc.)

Riley lasting so little time was a real shame. The guy is so underrated lately!

Cody and Miz were the MVPs of the competition. Great move by Kofi, very ninja! It actually reminded me a bit of the Spiderman move Morrison did last year!

For everything else, I’ll wait to see what happens on Raw (didn’t have the chance to watch it yet, but I’ve heard about some “Deadman Walking” and a Jericho making a pretty interesting “statement” xD)

So let’s change subject!

Hart of Dixie

Could an episode be more frustrating? I don’t think so.
Poor poor Wade!

And why is that Zoe isn’t even a bit jealous?
Because if a little semi-disgusted face should be a sign of jealousy… I didn’t quite catch it.

I think that for this relationship to work Zoe needs to be more “involved”.
I mean, she had this “attraction” for Wade here and there and then… Nothing.
Why do other people always have to remind her about Wade?
Why don’t we ever see her wondering and dreaming about him?
Ok, she’s supposed not to be aware of the fact he likes her and they’re perfect together, but sooner or later she’s gonna have to realize that her feelings for him are more than…that.
And still, 12 episodes and not a step forward. Come on!
Can’t they just do something like this:

These have to be my favorite Brulian scenes ever. Here Julian was a hot badass! Yeah!

Pretty Little Liars

Next episode Jason is back! Way to go!
I still haven’t decided if I prefer Ezria or Jaria (?).
I mean, I’m kinda sure Ezra is A.
I’ve always thought that, but then I’ve had lots of second thoughts, but then again, I found this on the Net and I have to say that is pretty convincing!

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find the English article (the link doesn’t work), so I linked the Italian one!

The Lying Game

What an episode! And by the promo of the next one, it looks like Emma can’t take it anymore!

I’m loving this show. And I bought the books too!
Luckily, there are many differences from the Tv Series, so I won’t be bored reading the same things! *Me happy* xD

The End.

Ok, this wasn’t “fast”, I talked too much, as always.
Now, if I managed to study something, that would be rrrreally great.

So… Have a nice day! See ya! 😉

P.S. Can’t wait to see MJ’s Glee Episode! Love Sebastian/Gustin Grant!

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