Best TV Couples

Since there are a lot of polls on this subject, I’m going to make my own list. There won’t be a 1st position, 2nd position etc. Just random order, as they pop into my mind 😉

Oh, I’ll stick with the effective couples, just to not mess up! (f. e. I’d like to see Clay & Brooke, but of course it won’t happen… but Blainchel, Dair, this ones I’ll count them as couples because they had some kind of development in that way)

Brooke & Lucas (Brucas)

Buffy & Spike (Spuffy)

Logan & Veronica (LoVe)

Zoe & Wade (Zade)

Dan & Blair (Dair)

Puck & Rachel (Puckleberry)

Jesse & Rachel (St. Berry)

Blaine & Rachel (Blainchel)

Nathan & Haley (Naley)

Brooke & Julian (Brulian)

Quinn & Clay (Clinn (?))

Jake & Cassie (Cake)

Damon & Elena (Delena)

Caroline & Tyler (Forwood)

Caroline & Klaus (Klaroline)

Jeremy & Anna (Jeranna)

Rory & Jess

Rory & Logan

To be Continued…

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