2011: What to remember – Tv Series Edition Pt.2

So, here it is the 2nd part!

-Top 5 Comedies-

1) 2 Broke Girls

This tv show is so cyinical and sarcastic…

It’s not Like Those Series that depict an imaginary life where everything it’s easy and sparkling!

It Makes you Think about things twice, so that you can weigh them.

Everyone wants to live the “American Dream” (me included) but 2BG Shows how difficult it can be and how much effort you have to put in it!

And in doing so, it Makes you genuinely laugh, and this is a “conditio sine qua non” for a comedy.

Plus, I love Max and Caroline, especially Max: her attitude is like mine, just hardened by the lack of money! u.u xD Kat Dennings rocks!

2) I Hate My Teenage Daughter

How hilarious is watching two full grown-ups (moms) trying (but not exactly succeding at it) to raise their kids in a “modern” way?
I’ll tell you, A LOT!
Especially if their daughters turn out to be exactly Like Those bi***es who used to torment them back in High School!

So the attempts at giving them a different life from the ones they have had, does not exactly go as they expected (luckily for us, or it wouldn’t be so funny, right?)

3) Friends with Benefits

Such a pity that this Series was canceled!
Maybe it’s because I particularly Like the protagonists, Ryan Hansen and Danneel Harris (pardon, Ackles!), or Maybe it’s the Series itself that’s “funny but relaxing” to watch, but I Think this show shouldn’t have ended.

If you liked the movie “Friend with Benefits” (Yeah, same name) Then you would enjoy this Series too, though it’s not about the same Story or the same characters, just a similar situation.

4) New Girl

I’ve talked a lot about this tv show here on my blog, so to not bore those of you who usually read what i write, I’ll keep it simple: Fun, new, not obvious, great cast, Zooey Deschanel and from what I’ve heard, Ryan Kwanten is on the way!

5) Suburgatory

Oh, another Bluebell/Stars Hollow look alike town, another girl trying to fit in and not losing her mind in doing so.

So, is something Like that worth the watch, if there already are similar Shows on tv?
The answer is yes, it is.

First of, this is a comedy, not a drama, and there’s definitely a difference between this Series and the other two earlier mentioned.

Then, some of the situations are Very odd, that kind of odd that Makes you want to see what happens next.
Dialogues are also Very sharp.

And above all, Jane Levy is adorable.

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