2011: What to remember – Tv Series Edition Pt.1

So another year is gone, but not without leaving us something…
New tv shows were born, and along with ’em, new addictions!

Here my personal Top 5 of the new best dramas and comedies of 2011: In this post I’ll start with the firsts.

-Best Dramas-

The Lying Game

For this one, Il’just link my previous post, since I wrote it just a week ago and I don’t want to repeat myself with the risk of being boring


What it may seem the umpteenth story about twins switching lives, is instead a good attempt in making something new out of an old scheme.

I’m sure that, if you give it a chance, you will eventually like it 😉

Once Upon A Time

It’s fairy tales like you’ve never seen them before!
Do I really need to say something else?

The Secret Circle

I was just about to give up to this series, when something happened: The 5th episode!

You see, to judge a tv show, you should watch at least six episodes… If I hadn’t followed this rule, I would have lost most of the series I love! You want some examples? The Vampire Diaries, Glee…!

The fact is, the story needs time to develop, and the first episodes are the ones to carry the weight of making us understand the vicissitudes.
Then you have those 3-4 episodes that are in charge of setting the tone.
From episode 4-5 to episode 7 you can decide if the series is worth it.

Or at least, that’s how I do.

And speaking of TSC, I was so bored by the first four episodes, that if it wasn’t for the rumor that Nick would have died (my favorite character at the time, FYI) I wasn’t willing to give it benefit of the doubt.

Luckily, I was too curious to see how they would have coped with that!

Infact, Jake arrived to shake things up, and the show suddenly started to work.

Even though Cassie is not my ideal leading character, I found myself rooting for her and Jake.
And I really hope that the one writing in the stars that Adam and Cassie were meant to be was drunk that night, because Adam can’t stand a chance against Jake!

Come on, even the name of the couples proves it!
Cake >; Cadam


Hart of Dixie

Rachel Bilson as the protagonist was already enough to watch it.
But Rachel Bilson + Wilson Bethel means that you MUST follow this show!
And the writers are being very cruel to us fans of this couple!
But you know how they say, the more you wait, the bigger the reward.

Plus, Bluebell, Alabama (a normal skyscreaper has more inhabitants) is the perfect location for a fun-but-sometimes-serious show like this.

Actually,it reminds me of Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow.


Yes, it’about rich people in big and sumptuous houses; yes, there is the rich girl with his poor best-friend/crush but with a rich fiancèe; and yes, she hides something and she’s not who she says she is.

But why this series is so different from the others? Well, the title is a big hint, and if you are fans of scheming and plotting, you cannot miss this one!

But there are some tv shows that, even if not new, are worth of a mention.

Mention of honor:

The Vampire Diaries

Will this series ever bore us? I don’t think so.
I mean, every show has his ups and downs going on with the seasons, but TVD seem to grow stronger episode by episode!
Not a week goes by without an OMG moment or a cliffhanger, without someone dying or coming back.

I don’t know how they do that, but these writers are probably some of the best in their field right now.

Plus, the cast is hotter than ever, another impossible thing that has become reality.


Well aware of the fact that the golden days of this series are far away, I have to say that 7th season looks good enough to be in this category.
We’re gradually getting closer to what this show originally was, even though it’s clear that going back to those standards it’s an impossible goal to reach, at this point.

But 6th season is now just a memory, and this is already a great thing.

Gossip Girl

Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are to see the name of this series here, but here it is.
3rd season was the beginning of the end, 4th season sucked, 5th season is gettin’ back on track.

Last time I couldn’t wait to see what would have happened on this show was like 2 years ago, first episodes of Season 3.
Now it’s happening again, and this, for me, is a good sign.
Then, I really want Dair to be the endgame!

Hope you enjoyed the reading, see you soon with the top 5 comedies!

iHasta luego!

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