Do they know it’s Christmas time?

So much to say… Let’s start!

WWE Tribute to the Troops

Pure Spectacle.
Seriously, this show gets better and better every year!
So heartfelt, so much effort put into it!

You know, I’ve been asked a lot of times: “Why do you like wrestling so much? You’re a girl!”

Well, usually I answer “Did you at least know what you’re talking about? Have you ever even watched an episode of Raw or SD!?” and then I start making a list of the reasons…

But now I have the perfect answer

“Try to watch the Tribute to the Troops, and then tell me how can you not love it!”

People just don’t see how much the WWE does for the entertainment field. They’re not just a wrestling company. They’re so much more!
And I could start telling you everything they do, but I don’t have so much time tonight!

I’ll just let this video “do the talk”

Loved Nickelback, such a great band!

President Obama, we all respect you, bu next time you appear on national tv, please at least say “Thanks” to the company you’re recording the message for! They deserve it! President Bush always did that!

And speaking of the WWE… Slammy Awards!

First of, It was a real pleasure to be able to see Lita back on Raw! She’s my all time favorite Diva, and I hope for her to return basically every day!

Now, Kelly winning the award… That’s another story!
Not deserved.

The “Divalicious moment of the year” award should have gone to Beth, or Nattie.
But, and God knows how much it costs me to admit this, if the “Diva of the year” award was given, it should have been Kelly’s.

Let’s face it, even if she’s definetly not the most talented Diva, she had an amazing year, the best one of her career.
And a better year than the rest of the Divas.

“Game Changer of the Year” award

This belonged to Edge. Point.
This guy is a future Hall of Famer and already a legend in this business. His forced retire broke many hearts, mine included. He owned that award.

“OMG Moment of the Year” award

This one should have gone to the “Walk out” of the Raw roster… I just think this was more unexpected than Punk winning the title. I mean, we all se the last one coming, right?

“A-Lister of the Year” award

Hugh could have won it easily, like the Muppets: they all delivered a good performance, even though Snooki was kind of better than Kelly at WM… But I bet everything I have on it, She didn’t even know what the WWE was before last April! And that my friends, says all..!

“Trending Star of the Year” award

Ok, this one was obviously the right choice.
Nothing to add, even though I was expecting The Rock to be nominated for this category… Anyway…

“Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That” Moment of the Year and “Pipe Bomb of the Year awards

I would have chosen R-Truth for both! I’ve never liked him too much, but he was so hilarious this year!

And this moment, to me, was pure gold:

And finally… “Superstar of the year” award

Easy. Randy Orton.
Ok, you may say that I’m not being objective, but think about it!
Randy’s year has been practically perfect: always on top, multi-time champion, big win at WM, the rivalry and the match of the year (Summerslam), if you ask me, with Christian.

On the other hand, Punk has only been really on top after this Summer, hence… Randy should have won. Simple as that.

Weeeeeeell let’s change subject!

Glee “Extraordinary Merry Christhmas”

Most of the songs were great, especially “Do they know it’s Christmas”, but I’m not sure how I feel about this ep…
Well, one thing for sure, I’d never let my boyfriend take inspiration from Finn’s choice of Xmas presents!
Come on! A long distance adoption of an African pig… excuse me, a sow???

Damian was adorable, as always, and i like this Flanevans friendship!

But you wanna know another one of my favorite Glee couples? Blainchel <;3

Once upon a time

Ok, I knew what was going to happen to Graham because of the spoilers, but it was very sad to watch it… And I was rooting for Emma and him to get together! ;(
Good episode, however!

I hate my teenage daughter

I love this show, it’s so funny and refreshing to watch!

Ok, I’m tired and I have an entire history book waiting for me tomorrow morning! Not to mention English, Spanish and… Japanese! I started studying Kanjis on my own!
Let’s see if I can learn a bit of Japanese even without a real teacher!

iBuenas Noches! 😉

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