Deck the Halls!

I Loooooove Christmas!

I love Holidays and, above all, I love the Fact that in America is Never Too Early to start celebrating!

Now, down to “Business”!

While I appreciated the Whole “Planksgiving” thing, actually Very original, I didn’t enjoy this episode Too much.

I’m really starting to get Tired of Zoe’s blindness about Wade’s feelings…

One unexpected thing: the character I liked the most in the past couple of episodes was Lemon. She’s really starting to grow on me (even though I’m sure I’m gonna hate her again in the upcoming episode)

But let’s change the subject…

Loved the Piper-Cena segment on Raw this week.
People really don’t get it, do they?
John is an incredible hardworker, he loves what he does and he shouldn’t be treated this way. He’s one of the most charismatic superstars ever, and he’s capable in the ring, Maybe not a master of thecnique, but better than One Batista, for example, that was Never booed Like that.
And if you don’t believe me, just go back to the Wrestlemania 23 Re-Match in London against HBK.

Smackdown! instead, gave us a not-so-special Special Holidays edition, with a few highlights though…

Here for you my favorite part!

In reality, I wanted to post the exact moments where Randy hits Otunga with all the Christmas stuff outside the ring and plays “Randy the Grinch” as Cole said, but my phone refused to upload the videos… à.à

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