Random Thoughts

Very fast, I don’t have much time, but I want to write something about it anyway..

1) Misha’s return to SPN

I don’t think is a spoiler anymore, since there were rumors about it even weeks ago… Anyway, here it is! That’s right, everyone’s favourite angel is back!



2) Glee Cast’s wage… Uhm, interesting. If only I was able to sing and dance… Uff!


3) Survivor Series and the Mistery Promo

Good show, loved the 5 on 5 match Team Orton vs. Team Barrett and the Divas Campionship match…

Of course I was rooting for my sweetheart Randy (don’t pay attention to me when I do this, I’m convinced He’s gonna realize he loves me and divorce from Sam one day) but, I knew he wouldn’t win… The other team (Wade and Cody) needed this victory. Sorry for Sin Cara, he’s gonna be out for awhile thanks to this injury…

As regards the “It begins” thing… I hope for them It’s Jericho. Really. I NEED him at the Italian Tour! We already have to renounce to Randy, Christian, Sheamus and the whole SD! roster… We need another big name!!!


So, for today it’s all folks!

iHasta Luego!

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    Dec 03, 2011 @ 03:48:03

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