Homecoming and Special Menu

Ok, I love George and Wade’s friendship.

Yeah, I’m starting the post with Hart of Dixie, and on the contrary of what happened for last week’s episode, I really enjoyed this week’s one.

“Crazy Lemon” was a surprise. The whole “high school prank team” surprised me, even though I should have thougth about it… I mean, it’s Bluebell, there are probably less than 200 people, of course they were friends back then!

Anyway, their part in this episode was hilarious!

That scene when Wade lifted up Zoe “yelling” in a low voice -It’s an emergency Doc… I think that Lemon might have killed someone!- was priceless!

Well done guys!

Meanwhile, Zoe didn’t do much this ep… Not her best moments…

And that’s very unfortunate, since there wasn’t any progress at all in the WadexZoe relationship. That’s gonna eat me guys, (good) fanfic are still very few and I’m sure I’ve read them all.

One good thing: Gay-Not Gay Jud/Jadsen (still trying to figure out how it is spelled) is out of the picture! Go on Wade… It’s finally your time to shine!

Well, now let’s skip to the other tv show I managed to watch this evening and, I might add, one of my favourites ever: Supernatural!

Oh, I felt 3rd season vibes here! And that can only be good, since 6th season was… well, let’s just forget about 6th season (except for three or four good episodes… *Cough “The French Mistake” cough cough*

I still think 1st season is the best one, hard to cope with it, but till the 5th season (included) they did it. They pulled it off. Not one season was bad or near to be it… Before the 6th one. That’s just a shadow in the life of this tv series. But we’re gettin’ back on track!

And Ken Doll and Big Bird (you’ll get it if you’ve watched the episode) are sexier than evaaaah (yeah, in the Joseph Morgan/Klaus way to say it… RIPPAAAH! xD).

Just stop eating special menus Dean… It never ends well for ya! *Pig ‘n’ poke cough cogh* Man, I really need a throat-clearing this evening 😉

Not much to say left… I’m tired and I’m starting to delire (as you may have seen by yourself .-. All my blah blah blah h.h) so…

Good Night! ^^



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