Thank you!

Oh my Gosh, I’m so sorry!

I don’t know why, your comments ended up in the Spam folder! I’m really really sorry I haven’t seen them!

Luckily my stupid curiosity brought me to check there!

Thank you so much for the kind reviews, it means so much!

I started blogging last week, I’ve always wanted to write and comment about my favourite topics, but the fact is that… I’m kinda lazy! xD

Seriously, I always start with the best intentions (you should see my facebook pages) but then I stop being constant and between one thing and another, I give up taking care of it…

I know this is not a very mature behavior, that’s why this time I decided to do things for good!

As I wrote in another comment, English is not my first language, so if you see that I make some mistakes, please tell me!

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my posts, I write because I like it, and since this could be a great exercise for my dream job, your opinion really matters to me!

Thanks again 😉


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