Wake up, Zoe!

Watching Wade heartbroken as he saw Zoe going out with Jadsen (I’m not sure this is the name, let alone an actual name) was so… well, heartbreaking .-.

Seriously! I totally want them together!

But we have to admit that Wade himself was pretty busy with his now-ex-wife (wtf?) in this episode, and that the vet. was a really sweet guy… Normally, I tend to hate the characters put there just To throw a monkey wrench in the works of the realationship between my fav characters (like George… How dull is this guy? .NbB. Nice-but-Boring and engaged.) but Jadsen (still don’t know if this name even exists) seems so loveable! Maybe he could be a great bestfriend material…

At the end of the day, we all want Zoe to give up on her New York whining (though totally understandable and perfectly shareable) and realize what a great guy drooling over her she has right under her nose.

So Zoe… Wake up! Love is knocking on your door! 😉

P.s. This picture was too funny, I had to post it! xD

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