Oh no no: Winter Hiatus!

Is there anything worse than Maths, Hypocrites, Economic Crisis, S. Darko, Exams and Strawberry candies? Yes, and it’s called “Winter Hiatus”.

Why in the world letting fans arise their madness for 2 months or more should even be an option? How am I gonna make it through the day without my little perfect fantasy world waiting for me when I come back from University every evening?

“You could get a life, for example” someone would say…

Well, I actually have a life; and trust me, it’s highly overrated.

Not that my life sucks, but I don’t go around the University singing Brodway songs or classic rock hits while other students dance around me. I don’t get to meet Prince Charming, Cinderella, Snow White & Co. all in one day (if not ever). I don’t have to worry about gorgeous hybrids, vampires, werewolves and every supernatural thing you can name populating my little town.

My life is just… normal. Too normal. Like many of yours.

And here they come the tv shows, rescuing us from the same old daily routine.

And since there already is summer tearing us apart from our favourite leisure… Why winter hiatus???

So please tv channels: order at least a couple more episodes for every series, and shorten our pain!

In the meanwhile, I’ll give you all Tv Series PsychoFans like me a tip: FanFictions can be a great help! Sometimes they’re even better than the “real” writers’ work!

Now I’ll go studying a bit of Spanish, because in life we all need to occupy ourselves somehow (and good grades in exams are usually not simply granted… or at least this is how it should be!)

iHasta la vista!

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