Let the real stars shine, please!

I’m the only One Who thinks that It’s extremely unfair and undeserved the popularity and the attention that Kelly Kelly gets? That Girl has been a “wrestler” on tv for 5 years now, and all she can do is a headscissor, a backflip and a recicled signature move Like the stinkface… Girls Like Torrie, Stacy, Jillian and so many others that were way better than her (every One in her Own way) Never got the consideration she currently has… I’ve Never liked Candice or Maria too much, but at least they had Made some serious improvements before they got released! I don’t know if These are booking choices or not, if she can actually do more than just the Three moves she shows the world every week, but this Girl still has to prove a lot, both in and outside the ring (zero personality. Just a pretty Face and an annoying voice. Zero acting skills.). Not a hater. I don’t hate her. Maybe she’s a wonderful person, I don’t know her, I can’t say that. I just Think she’s reaaaally ovverrated and that other Divas could use a bit of her screentime to prove the world how Good they can be, if given the chance. A name? Do you happen to know One Alicia Fox?

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